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Monday, June 10, 2013

At the age of 21, when having a boyfriend seems to be compulsory. Duhhh.

I believe, when i save my heart for someone special, Allah will grant me that special someone, who's also saving his heart for his wife. Only. 

Experiences are the best teacher, which I found, confession, dedicating things to someone we like, its just not right, something which is not blessed by Him. When you confess to people, or people confess this heart thingy to you, they are just lonely. That's all. Because, someone who's ready to marry you, he wont do this kind of stuffz, he'll see your parents directly. Yes, directly, not even tell you at first.

Read an article about this getting married things and now i understand the whole concept. Thanks to farieeee :') She's the one who sent me the article. 

Feelings of wanting someone dear to you, someone to care for you, yes it is fitrah, but trust me, when we first build a strong relationship to Allah and by the time we're giving everything to Him, whole heartedly, we let Him decide, to give us the right person at the right time. Just wait, Allah knows well how to do His job. Kita tak payah nak sibuk sibuk lah buat kerja Allah, bukankah Dia yang memegang hati hati kita dan Dia juga lah yang menyatukan hati hamba hambaNya ?

And yes, the timing is very important, we may find a right person, but maybe the time is not that right, yet. Thus, be patient, patience my dear, it means we're not ready. Belum lagi masanya.

Do our role as a khalifah first, we say, we want to have a soleh husband, ''ohh masyaAllah teringinnya nak kahwin dgn lelaki cukup ilmu agama''- we say. But where's our part to men'solehah' kan diri at first ??