everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain :) - unknown

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hai Assalammualaikum cute, pretty, handsome, and lovely people out there. After thinking this and that, and now here i am, a newborn baby. Baby ? Alololo tomey tomey.

Basically, I've deleted all the posts i wrote before. I started to blog since Jan 2010 if i'm not mistaken, and yes, all those irrelevant posts with lack of maturity level, emotional posts where i blogged with those emo emo gaban stuffz, i dont like it anymore.

But of course there are few posts i like ( liking own blog post? ye, pathetic bukan? ) However, as it was pretty hard to view each title and decide whether to delete or not to, so i was like aggressively deleting all. Yes, dengan rakusnya, saya mendelete semua. Hewhew.

So as a newborn baby, i also make few changes, here and there, the design bla bla. Cuma header tak tukar, still yg lama, takde idea nak buat yang baru, plus dengan malasnya lagi. So JYEAHHH. HELLO WORLDDDD ! *excited lebih sikit*

Hopefully this new blog is better in every aspect insyaAllah.

And and and, yesterday was my birthday, so this is kinda like reborn, renew, refresh for everything. Not to forget, for those sweet people who wished me, through phone, twitter, facebook, etc, with all those doa, thank you, thank you :')

No more teenage years, yes, 20 tahun, tua betul rasa. Seriusly. Anyway, cheers for this fresh start :D ! Okay bye assalammualaikum :)